Cynthia McVay Abstract and Conceptual Art

Negative Brain Ritualistically, when no one is watching The Braille Project:  Laissez-Faire People's Republic of China Holes Playing?
Mixed Media-Negative Brain
Negative Brain
Eight backlit brain scans, framed in steel cases, connected by cords to the outlet. Negative Brain scrawled on wall above. Negative Brain is an MRI scan of Cynthia’s brain, and serves as a self-portrait, simultaneously intimate and detached. The scans are framed in raw, techno-steel frames and backlit exposing every crevice and slice of the brain. The images are linked in a network of electrical cords that run to the outlet visibly and un-self-consciously—a counterbalance to the perfectly designed brain and the meticulous arrangement of the photographs on the wall. Even the scrawled diagnosis, Negative Brain (which means there’s nothing wrong with it), on the wall, plays with the contradiction.
36" H x 96" W

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