Cynthia McVay Abstract and Conceptual Art



My art is informed by natural forms, patterns and rhythms as well as color and shapes moving through space and time. This is perhaps why many of my works become multiples. The individual image is not alone, but has a new relationship with its peers, giving it another dimension.

My early work, Paper Works, 
was inspired by Matisse’s Cut-Outs (which I recently re-enjoyed at the Modern Art Museum), as well as others such as Calder and Miró.  I first began by taping paper forms directly onto my wall (which I just learned Matisse did too), and then began to compose them on acid-free matte boards. The cut or torn paper forms are ironed onto the matte board with a melting adhesive.  In some cases, Indian black ink is also used. 


I have participated in one-person and group shows in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and Princeton, NJ.  My collages were represented by Art for Media and so some were featured on Madigan Men (TV series Fall 2000, with Gabriel Byrne) and Sex and the City, as well as various commercials.  Dozens have been sold to private collections. 

I have been working on a few books of photography and poetry. 

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